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Rule the Design is a bunch of highly creative people who are driven towards providing clients with reliable and affordable digital solutions.


Rule the Design

We are redefining brand experiences and helping companies connect with their customers by helping them solve some of the crucial business challenges they face today. Rule The Design understands the rising need to be presented to customers to relate the most to any brand.

Established back in 2011, Rule The Design came into being by Waheed Imran, Founder/Principal UX Designer. We have brought together experts from their domains to bring forth a more reliable and affordable digital agency and a talent network. We are here to channel the creativity, colors, and code so that our clients can excel in how they do branding.

Over 5,000 Cups of Coffee

We push our brain continuously to think creatively so we get addict of productivity.

12 Pairs Of Hands

We are a team of highly passionate people from different industries who want to facilitate client needs.

100+ Projects

Successfully delivered to our clients all around the world from small startups to large companies.


Give us a call, send us an email - or drop by to have a chat. We are always here to listen to new ideas and start a new conversation.



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